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Reviews Sabre's Maxmum Strength Tactical Stun Gun with Flashlight is a pain-inducing stun gun with an impressive 2.51 uC charge for reliable protection when you need it most. It features an 130-lumen LED flashlight which helps you disorient from a distance. Jul 03, 2020 · The term “stun gun” gets thrown around a lot, particularly when talking about law enforcement and security. But what exactly is the definition of a stun gun, how do they work, what is the difference between stun guns and tasers, and “which variety can I legally buy” are all questions this article answers. Stun Guns for Personal Security. WARNING: Don't purchase a stun gun before reading the Built-in LED flashlights (low-lumen flashlights help locate items in the dark, while high-lumen flashlights You'll find safety resources, product reviews, relevant news stories and other lifestyle content from...