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Specimen Integrity An unspun or poorly spun specimen allows the cells to come into contact with the serum or plasma. Metabolic changes occur until the specimen is properly spun. Delay in processing changes the composition of the specimen and could cause erroneous values. Centrifuge Operation 3000 RPM is the common speed under most circumstances. Feb 21, 2019 · Yes. If the holder of an international registration is a national of, has a domicile in, or has a real and effective business or commercial establishment in the United States and the international registration is based on a U.S. application or registration, then the subsequent designation may be submitted to the USPTO using the electronic form provided through the Trademark Electronic ... Lab Assistant – Specimen Processor. Receives, processes, and distributes specimens to technical departments. Prepares specimens and forms for testing at the laboratory and for transport to external reference laboratories. WORKING CONDITIONS. Specimen Processor. Works in a clinical laboratory setting.