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Form I-F/B, P/N 98126 R21, Page 3 Installation should be done by a qualified agency in accordance with the instructions in this manual and in compliance with all codes and requirements of authorities hav- Waste Oil Furnace Models: EL-140H, EL-200H, and EL-350H . 115V/60Hz . 5901 Crossings Boulevard Nashville, TN 37013 . (615) 471-5290 Reznor 47233 Manifold with Propane Gas Burner Orifices - XL, XLB, EEXL, EEXLB Reznor 046136 LP PLT BRN J963HXA-4211 Reznor XE 9664 Carryover Regulator Fitting (Compression Fitting)